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IW2 - Negotiation Skills Workshop (June 2,3,4th)

Date:   Jun 02, 2021 - Jun 04, 2021
Time:   8:00 AM (MDT)
Location:   Virtual Online (NWT)

This highly interactive workshop provides attendees with proven techniques which can be applied immediately to any negotiation.  The workshop focuses on the entire negotiation process; from preparation to the final hand shake. 

Participants will learn how to create value and reach profitable agreements by improving their preparation, assertiveness, listening skills and collaborative problem-solving ability. Attendees are provided a hands-on opportunity to improve their communication and negotiation skills. Participants take part in a series of real-life, and increasingly complex, negotiation simulations.  
Learning Objectives/Takeaways.  You will:
  • Know how to approach negotiations from a strategic point of view
  • Understand the key elements of preparation including self-assessment, assessing the other party, BATNA development, and Reservation Points
  • Understand your negotiating style as well as various styles you may encounter when negotiating
  • Know how to build trust and relationships during negotiations
  • Understand the sources of power and how to apply them
  • Know how to use active listening skills to create value and improve outcomes
  • Know how to manage the complexity of multi-party negotiations
  • Understand how to use concessions as well as when, and when not, to use them

Who Should Attend
This workshop will be of interest to anyone involved with negotiating on behalf of their organization; including:


General Managers
Sales Professionals
Supply Chain Professionals
IT Managers
Fund Raisers
HR Professionals
Project Managers

Supply Chain Canada and ASCM Members








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